Full Interior Leather Refurbishment
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Our leather restoration service brings the leather back to showroom condition.
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Over time, especially if not maintained correctly, leather can crack and fade in colour.

Most modern cars have bolster supports which can easily scuff when getting in and out.

A process of intense cleaning then redying with a colour matched emulsion dye restores that "new look"  to the interior. 

Below is an example of the process for two of the seats of the interior, before and after:

Firstly the seats required a good clean and degrease , then painstakingly masked everything up.

Then a colour wash to the stitching , this re-dye's it without clogging it up. Followed by a colour wash on the panels to act as a key. Finally they are sprayed in with the airbrush , applying 6 very light coats of dye to try and keep the seats looking as natural as possible.

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